If you sell products and you need to track inventory, the Plus plan will be necessary at $42.50 per month for the first three months, then $85 afterward. Another caveat is that there is no built-in client portal—you have to find an app that integrates with QuickBooks Online to give clients access to projects and invoices (or just email invoices). One of the best reasons to use QuickBooks Online is that you pay a monthly fee to get access to tons of accounting kate endress and invoicing features, plus updates and customer support. With QuickBooks Online, you can track all your financial information in one place, from income and expenses to time and taxes. Subscription and usage-based billing platforms need to adapt to different billing models, such as direct-to-customer, marketplace billing and bundled offerings. That includes accurate revenue mapping to accommodate other channels, channel partners and business models.

  • Conversely, prompt and accurate billing helps companies maintain and grow their customer base since they can better manage a demand-based inventory.
  • Now, you can either design your own invoice template from scratch or choose a premade template that you can personalize with your brand colors and logo.
  • You’ve probably completed an expense form before, so we won’t walk you through it.
  • Whatever expenses you incur while on the road or in the office should be considered a project-related expense.

The prepaid billing system helps businesses ensure a steady stream of revenue and reduces the risk of non-payment or delayed payment. The customer benefits from the convenience of not having to make individual payments for each transaction. One-time billing is a payment model where a customer is charged for a product or service only once. In one-time billing, the customer provides payment information, and the payment is processed for the specific amount due. The payment is processed and then the customer receives the product or service.

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Billing automation of any sort keeps you from making costly billing mistakes. Using templates, you can generate a clean and effective invoice in just a few minutes. Additionally, you should also check over your own company’s billing information. Now that you’ve collected and looked over your proof of sale documents, you know who you have to invoice, what they purchased, and how much they owe. So, essentially, billing and accounts receivable are not the same things. You can learn more about the elements of an invoice and how to create one from scratch by heading over to our guide on how to make an invoice.

The billing process is how a company or individual charges for their goods or services. The billing process will generally start with the company or individual providing an estimate, or quote, of the cost of the goods or services. After purchase, the billing process typically includes creating an invoice, sending it to the customer, and tracking payments. A billing software is a computer program designed to help businesses automate their billing and invoicing process. It allows companies to generate and send invoices, track payments, and manage customer accounts in an organized and efficient manner.

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This particular type of billing charges customers based on the cost per day. Customers, therefore, only pay for the number of days that they used the service. In many cases, this can encourage more customers to decide to buy a service or a product because canceling earlier would not lead to overcharging.

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Since your billing software serves as the central hub of your billing process, it has the potential to improve everything, from billing consistency to customer satisfaction. Find out how finance should influence customer experience by helping to build buyer personas, track inventory and create billing models that benefit both the customer and the company. Further, imagine the impact on a customer who’s looking to place an order. With poor cash flow, it’s much harder for a company to respond to customer inquiries since many companies decrease inventory levels to improve their working capital ratio.

This type of billing is very frequent for businesses offering retail services on restaurants, grocery stores, shopping centers, and so on. Overall, the billing system streamlines the billing process, improves accuracy, reduces errors, saves time, and provides valuable financial data for business management. Recurring billing is a payment model that works by automatically charging customers on a regular basis for a product or service. It’s like setting up a subscription to a magazine or a streaming service, where you pay a fixed amount every month without having to manually process each payment. What’s more, it also provides convenience and flexibility to customers, as they don’t have to manually make payments every time a service or product is delivered. This can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to long-term customer relationships.

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Controlling involves overseeing the entire billing process to ensure it runs smoothly and accurately. This includes monitoring the generation and distribution of invoices, tracking payments, and managing issues, such as late or missed payments. Basic billing refers to a simple invoicing process where a business creates and sends invoices to customers for products or services provided. It typically involves basic payment terms and does not involve complex billing or payment arrangements. Invoice billing is a process of generating and sending an itemized bill to a customer or client for goods or services provided by a business. It works by creating a document that includes details such as the products or services provided, the quantity, the price, the payment terms, and the total amount due.

Creating invoices is much easier with a reusable, pre-formatted invoice template that just requires you to fill in details specific to the customer. That leaves more time in your busy day to focus on core job functions, billing and payment analysis, and business strategy and forecasting. Setting clear payment terms on your invoices increases the likelihood of receiving quick payments. These Word and Excel invoices may be free and easy to access, but the cheapest option is not always the best one for your business. Now, you can either design your own invoice template from scratch or choose a premade template that you can personalize with your brand colors and logo.


You probably already know it’s important to follow up with a customer who hasn’t paid an invoice by the due date. But if you rely on memory and manual processes to follow up, you’ll waste time and suffer from inconsistency. Make it clear what the penalty for a late payment is and clarify at what point that penalty will apply.

When these situations occur, the company will lose market share and its competitive position. Customer satisfaction will decrease as it’s more difficult to meet customer demands and commitments, and its net promoter score will plummet. It’s no wonder that most company bankruptcies are a result of a low working capital ratio, and in part it can be traced back to lost margin due to inaccurate billing.

In prepaid billing, the customer pays for a certain amount of usage upfront, and then the service is provided until the prepaid amount runs out. The invoice is then sent to the customer or client for payment, either by mail, email, or through an online payment system. Once the payment is received, the invoice is marked as paid in the business’s accounting system. If the payment is not received by the due date, the business may send reminders or follow up with the customer to collect the payment. When CPQ and billing are connected, it unifies a company’s sales and finance functions for a seamless customer experience.